The most secure AI platform.AI platform.

We serve AI models using end-to-end encryption.
Your data stays under your control, guaranteed.

Confidential AI

Don't just reduce leaks.
Make them impossible.

Most AI companies only promise to be careful with your data. We prove it. Our Confidential AI models run inside secure enclaves, which keep data encrypted even while in use. No one - not even us - ever gets a chance to see your data.

Browser-enforced security.

Any browser connecting to a Blyss Confidential AI is secure by default - the browser won't connect if the server's confidentiality proof is not corroborated in the public Certificate Transparency log.

Use Confidential AI

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Strong proof for our strong claims.

Blyss uses the enclave features of the NVIDIA Hopper GPU and the AMD Genoa CPU to establish high-security trusted computing environments. Every connection is backed by a cryptographically signed statement that identifies exactly what code is running.

Continuous Public Verification

Every Blyss attestation is committed to an immutable public log. Anyone can inspect the log to confirm that the confidentiality guarantee is currently intact, and was never previously broken.

Public Verification

Your data makes it your AI.

Code Copilots

Intelligent assistance for developers working on proprietary codebases.

Semantic Search

Deep embedding-based search over private documents and images.

Personal Assistants

Personalized AI helpers that can be trusted with emails and calendars.

Confidential AI

Maximum security, minimum compromise.

Ship AI features faster and with less risk. Get on a call with a Blyss founder and we'll show you how much simpler and safer Confidential AI can be.