Next-gen privacy,
available now.

Blyss uses homomorphic encryption to secure user data.
Privately scan for breached credentials, block malicious URLs, access blockchain data, and more.

Create S3-like buckets. Store any key-value data.
Then perform completely private retrievals.

Nobody, not even us, can learn which items are retrieved from a Blyss bucket.

The client encrypts queries under a key only it knows. Queries and responses stay encrypted, even during processing.

The server never learns
what you look up.

“Government by the people.”

The frontier of privacy

Build the next generation of privacy-preserving applications.
Instead of promising not to collect data, guarantee it.
Read large databases privately.
Try our Wikipedia demo.
Privately resolve DNS.
Build map apps that don’t
learn user locations.
Check binaries against a blocklist without learning user activity.
Query live blockchain data
without leaking metadata.
Try it for Bitcoin, or Ethereum.
Access IPFS and other P2P services without broadcasting every lookup.

Cutting-edge cryptography.

Don’t take our word for it—our scheme is peer-reviewed and open source. There’s no NDA to sign, and no “magic” to trust.

Repo with our open source client code

Peer-reviewed paper that Blyss is built on

Blog post explaining our cryptography

Get started in 10 lines of code.

Simple, self-serve pricing.

Base cost covers data storage, warm servers, etc.
Operations not listed above are currently unmetered.

Try Blyss

Homomorphic encryption, made easy.
Let's talk about what that means for your apps.
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